Maxim Zettel

Musician     Percussionist     Teacher


Throughout his more than twenty year career, Maxim Zettel participated in various projects and played with a multitude of bands.

Latin – Latin Jazz, Salsa, Son, Rumba

Laki Latino, Señor Coconut, Rolands Rumba, Con Mucho Gusto, Panchito, Corazón Ardiente, Picolê, Bataña, Eric y su Chocolate, Burundanga, Regine de Ruiter Band, Salsa Parilla

Brazil – Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, Música Popular Brasileira

Nice Brasil, Juliana da Silva, Medicamento, Bloco Coringa, Paulinho Moska, Monique Kessous, Bloco X, Sambaria, Phoenix-Show, Batuquinho, Grupo Cariopa, Bloco 11, Casa de Samba, Querschläger, Orchestra Batucada, Banda Lobo, Lilian Vieira, T7, Josee Koning

Pop, Funk, Reggae, Worldmusic, Flamenco

Mo'Horizons, Tohuwabohu Marchingband, Superstitious, Truth, Hausbar Band, Patrice, Caboverdianismo, Pura Beleza, Emociónes


Sanostra, Chapeau Bas, Tap Act, Muellersbuero-online, Musical “Hair”


Rolands Rumba


Pandeiro Solo


Timbales Solo


Samba Jazz Club


Timba Solo


Paulinho Moska & Patrice




Paulinho Moska, Monique Kessous




Sambaria Promo Video



Maxim Zettel lives as a freelance musician, percussionist, teacher and composer in Cologne, Germany.

Musical Roots

Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, MPB, Salsa, Son and Rumba – for many years now, Maxim Zettel’s passion has been Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music. Apart from that, he also plays Pop, Funk, Latin-Jazz, World Music and Flamenco as part of his standard repertoire.

On Stage

Maxim Zettel has expressed his musical versatility in many gigs, shows and studio recordings. He produced his own arrangements for percussion instruments and took part in show productions for renowned event agencies. His engagements led him to appearances in many European counties, from Ireland to Spain and the Ukraine, and also outside of Europe, e.g. to Brazil, China and the Lebanon.


Performing and teaching go hand in hand with Maxim Zettel. Since 2007 he teaches Brazilian percussion in World Music Department of the Conservatory “Codarts” in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This renowned department – the only one of its kind in Europe – is regarded as a standout reference in the international music scene.

Throughout his career he led several Samba groups and many workshops, amongst others at the School for Afro-Brazilian Percussion “DanzaDanza” in Tilburg and Den Bosch (NL).


His enthusiasm for percussion began in the early 90’s, when he started with Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts form. He then had performances and engagements with a number of bands. In 1995, Maxim Zettel founded his first samba-band “Sambaria” in his hometown, Hannover.

Professional ambitions led him to study Latin Percussion at the Conservatory of World Music “Codarts” in Rotterdam, under the guidance of Lukas van Merwijk, Martin Verdonk, Nils Fischer and Dirk Hauptmann. Additionally, he took master classes with reputable musicians from Brazil, Cuba and New York, amongst others with Marcos Suzano, Armando Peraza, Luis Conte and Larry Harlow.

Teaching & Workshops

Brazilian and Cuban percussion, pop and funk for pandeiro, repinique, caixa, tamborim, surdo, timbao, conga, timbales, bongo, cajon, percussion set etc.

Single and group lessons

I offer single and group lessons and also master classes for beginners, advanced and professional musicians.

While beginners first of all learn basic techniques and rhythms, the focus for advanced players lies in variations, phrasing and concepts for solo interpretation. To deepen the musical understanding, music and percussion parts (also from the band context of the student) will be analysed and arranged. Those who want to function as a drummer, receive lessons at the percussion set.

For samba and percussion groups, I offer special music workshops and coaching, where they learn new rhythms and breaks and practice choreographies.

Lessons and preparation for the entrance examination at the Conservatory “Codarts” in Rotterdam

At the “Codarts” I teach Brazilian percussion as a major and minor subject. I also offer special preparation classes for those who want to take the entrance examination at the University (for dates and application details please go to

I am happy to answer any queries! The extent, content and location of the lessons can be arranged individually.

Workshops for companies, associations and enterprises

For employees of enterprises or participants of congresses and conferences, I offer percussion workshops, in which they can experience the binding force of the rhythm. The common music experience enthuses and inspires the players. It motivates and strengthens the team spirit.

In the workshops, the participants learn simple rhythms from the areas of samba, samba-reggae, funk and pop. The lessons are structured in a way that people without any prior knowledge can easily follow them. For me it’s important that people have fun and enjoy playing together. As a challenge, there could be the aim to present the attained knowledge in a kind of stage show.

For the workshops, I can provide a large selection of Brazilian percussion instruments. For the bigger drums I have belts to carry them for mobile action.


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